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Monroe-Union County CDC has three major services that offer several programs.  Our services include housing counseling, housing development and down payment assistance.  Each of these services has various types of programs designed to assist low to moderate income families in improving their current housing situation.   

Housing Counseling has and continues to be the backbone of the organization.   It allows us to assist new homeowners and to maintain the number of homeowners in Union County, NC.  Housing Counselors provide tools that assist clients in making informed decisions about their housing needs.  Monroe-Union County CDC provides comprehensive housing counseling services to families free of charge. 

We are a HUD approved housing counseling agency, and our counselors are certified by NC Association of Housing Counselors.  Every two years we are monitored by HUD and our counselors are re-certified by the NC Association of Housing Counselors.  The NC Association of Housing Counselors requires that the counselors maintain their certification by receiving 32 hours of continuing education every two years.  Our counselors are highly qualified and each has over eight years of experience.  We offer counseling in one-on-one sessions with a counselor and in group setting with other participants.  The type of counseling includes pre, post, mortgage default, predatory Lending, Fair Housing, and Financial Management. 

Pre-homeownership Counseling is designed to prepare families for homeownership.  The counselors work extensively with the families to prepare them for mortgage loan approval.  Every aspect of homeownership and the home buying process is discussed with the families.   Counselors work with the families to develop household budgets, reduce debts, repair credit, and increase saving. Families participating in our pre-homeownership counseling may be eligible for down payment assistance. 

Post-homeownership Counseling is designed to assist families after they purchase their home.  It focuses on home maintenance and retention.  Budgeting and money management continues to be emphasized as families work towards increasing and maintaining the value of their asset. 

Mortgage default is for families that are facing possible foreclosure.   The counselors act as a liaison between the homeowner and lender.  The counselor assisted by the homeowner negotiates with the lender to come up with a plan that allows the homeowner to avoid foreclosure and to become current with their mortgage payment.

The N.C. Foreclosure Prevention Fund helps North Carolina homeowners who are struggling to make their mortgage payments due to job loss or temporary financial hardship. For qualified homeowners, the fund can provide an interest-free loan of up to $36,000 to pay your mortgage and other related expenses for up to 36 months. To learn more about the N.C. Foreclosure Prevention Fund, go to http://www.ncforeclosureprevention.gov.  

If you are currently employed but have a second mortgage that is unaffordable because of a prior job loss or reduced income, the Fund offers an interest-free loan of up to $30,000 to pay off your second mortgage. We offer the Fund in partnership with the N.C. Housing Finance Agency using funds from the U.S. Treasury. The Fund provides assistance at no cost to you. To learn more about the N.C. Foreclosure Prevention Fund™, go to www.ncforeclosureprevention.gov     

Predatory Lending answers the questions “What can I afford?”  Counselors work with families to identify and avoid predatory lending situations.  Debt ratios and the cost of financing are discussed with families, and other financing options are identified to assist families in avoiding high cost loans. 

     Fair Housing discusses the protective classes and help families who believe they have been discriminated against.  

Financial Management focuses on issues that positively or negatively impact the financial stability of families.  

Housing Development is a program that allows Monroe-Union County to increase the number of affordable housing units in Union County.  Monroe-Union County CDC builds and co-partner with others to build safe, decent and affordable housing in beautiful and prime areas of Union County. 

East Village is a sixty-five unit subdivision located on Old Monroe Pageland Road.  The homes can be built to energy star standards causing significant savings on energy bills.  The homes are built to buyer specifications.  They are well built and situated in a beautiful scenic area surrounded by a nice wooded barrier.  Prices range from $129,000 to $159,000.   Down payment assistance up to $32,000 is available to eligible families.  The City of Monroe provides $10,000 in loan funds that are completely forgiven over a 5 year period.  North Carolina Housing Finance Agency provides up to $25,000 of financial assistance to families in the form of a deferred loan that is paid back after the first mortgage is paid back.  In addition, the Individual Development Account program can be used to help pay for closing costs and prepaid expenses. 

Housing Rehabilitation allows Monroe-Union County CDC to make major repairs to owner occupied single family dwellings.  Repairs include but not limited to windows, new heating and air units, roofing replaced, and vinyl siding to wood frame dwellings.  Funding is provided by NC Department of Commerce, Division of Community Assistance, and NC Housing Finance Agency.  Funding is made available to families in the form of a deferred loan that is sometimes forgiven over a period of time depending on the level of assistance.  Preference is given to the elderly and disabled homeowner.    

Real Estate Services are available to families that elect to use Monroe-Union County CDC as their real estate agent.  Monroe-Union County CDC is a licensed real estate agency.  Families are not required to use this service.  It is made available to families who do not have representation. 

HUD housing Approval allows Monroe-Union County to bid on behalf of potential homebuyers for HUD owned properties.

Transitional Housing program provides rental housing to families participating in Monroe-Union County CDC’s pre homeownership program.  Families are able to rent housing at a reduce rate as they save funds towards their home purchase.


     Down payment Assistance  

Financial Assistance is available to income eligible first-time homebuyers.  Funding can be used to pay closing costs, lender required down payment, and prepaid expenses.  Families living in Monroe, NC and purchasing a home in Monroe, NC can potentially receive up to $7,500.  Families participating in the IDA program and or purchasing in Monroe-Union County CDC’s East Village Subdivision can potentially receive up to $25,000. 

Individual Development Accounts are saving accounts whereby savers’ funds are matched 2:1. Therefore for every dollar you save, you will receive 2 dollars to use toward purchasing your first home.  Accounts are held by First Citizens Bank.  Clients are required to deposit each month a minimum amount of funds into the account and attend counseling sessions with a counselor. When you get ready to purchase your home, the funds will be made available to you to reduce the amount of funds you have to take out of your pocket to purchase your home.


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