About Us


Monroe-Union County Community Development Corporation (MUCCDC) is a 501 ( C ) 3 non-profit organization under the State of North Carolina. The organization was incorporated in 1990. Our focus is community revitalization and affordable housing. Over the years, we have administered various federal, state and local programs designed to assist low to moderate income families in improving their communities and bettering their quality of life.


To develop a comprehensive program that enhances and improves the economic viability of low to moderate-income families in Union County, through the use of public and private funds.


The mission of Monroe-Union County Community Development Corporation is to assist low and moderate income families in improving their quality of life, obtaining affordable housing, developing small businesses as well as strengthening economic development through education, services and training.

Our Core Values include:

  • MUCCDC will develop human and resource capital.
  • MUCCDC should help communities to increase its ownership of physical and monetary assets to enable residents to build wealth.
  • MUCCDC should develop programs that utilize public and private partnerships and funds for program effectiveness and efficiency.

MUCCDC‘s Value Statement:

  • We honor our community
  • We respect our partnerships
  • We cherish our resources

Therefore with integrity and commitment:

  • We serve our community
  • We protect our partnerships
  • We manage our resources

Thereby we add value.


  • NC Association of Housing Counselors
  • HUD approved Housing Counseling Agency
  • Union County Chamber of Commerce
  • NC Center Nonprofits
  • Union County Association of Realtors
  • NC Community Development Initiative